Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Broken Beats in Cubase with Halion One

All in one take, a bruk flavoured rhythm using Halion One in Cubase 4

Relaxed Hip Hop/Neo Soul Beat in Reason

For those relaxed vibes the new Regroove Mixer is wicked. I've always used track delay to add groove to my beats and to see that stuff integrated in there as well as some great groove templates it's a killer for the downtempo flavours.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Behind the Scenes on the Enzyme Black Remix of Cookie Monsterz

This remix was produced 'in the box' on Logic 8. The only third party instrument used is Predator ( Ultrabeat was purely used as a sound module and i played the beats in using the keyboard. When i received all the parts i wasn't keen on the main sung hook so i took it out and replaced it with the 'its time to jack' rap and underpinned it with a pitch shifted version to add some variety. The full mix package is available to buy from

Noise Machine in Reaktor

This is the final part of a series of videos in an exercise on the Point Blank Online Sound Design Course. The aim was to build a dedicated white noise sweep machine instead of having to load a complete synth to do the job. A band pass filter is used for the sweep and is modulated by an ADSR Envelope.

Editing Foley Samples in Soundtrack Pro

This video goes through some simple editing when checking out a long sample recorded for the Foley lesson of the Point Blank Online Sound Design Course. I now use Soundtrack Pro for all of my editing work when on the Mac and actually now prefer it to Wavelab (my old workhorse on the PC)

Turntable Stop in Cubase

Phased Reverb in Cubase 4

This technique was used all over the track 'Jackhammer Jam' on the Enzyme Black 4th Floor EP 'Warehouse Powertools'

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